Fungal nail damage

damage to the nail plate with fungus

It is no secret that modern people are at risk of onychomycosis every day. Nail and nail fungus is very insidious and can be caught anywhere. But many do not know how to recognize it and how to take it back. Infection occurs by taking a piece of skin or nail plate from a patient. Determining the source itself is not an easy task, as you will see the first signs of nail fungus only after a long time. In this case, self-medication is not recommended, it is better to discuss the symptoms and treatment with a dermatologist immediately, otherwise irreversible processes may begin.

Fungus under the nails and fingers is one of the most common infectious diseases, the development of which is stimulated by epidermophytes (microorganisms). In addition to obsessive itching, it is also known to deform the toenails. Obtains a yellowish color and characteristic spots with scales on the surface.

Some people are afraid only of this disease. At the first manifestations, they dug up a large amount of literature and rushed to the hospital in panic for explanations. After all, they are worried:

  1. How to get rid of nail fungus?
  2. Why is nail fungus dangerous?
  3. Will I need to remove my nail in case of fungus?
  4. What to do if nail mold appears?

In this article, we will try to answer the questions. Treatment of onychomycosis of the nail is a long one and requires a competent, responsible approach.

Convenience and irregular use of pharmaceuticals will lead to the lack of the desired results. Therefore, drug treatment of the fungus must be carried out in accordance with the course prescribed by a specialist.

The treatment regimen for toenail fungus found on your feet should include local treatment of the affected areas and oral administration of the medication.

The main ways and causes of infection

Close contact with the carrier of the mycosis or contact with his shoes is a direct route to infection and subsequent treatment of nail fungus, and this is always accompanied by questions: how to defeat nail fungus and what are the most effective means of nail fungus. A similar concern can occur in densely populated areas, which are extremely conducive to a successful life and the spread of parasites, where the fungus appears very quickly. These include various sports complexes, swimming pools, saunas. However, most colonization of the foot fungus occurs in people who like tight, closed shoe models and people with excessive sweating. Doctors say that most mushroom species prefer moist conditions with a neutral and slightly alkaline environment.

In some cases, nail fungus appears after the next visit to the beauty salon where you performed the pedicure procedure. This may be due to the negligence of the masters of the salon, who do not follow the basic rules for the development of the tool they use.

The onset of fungus under the nails in childhood is a rare phenomenon; adult men and women are more sensitive to it. This fact is explained by the fact that the pH of the skin deviates from the norm due to a decrease in the body's defenses and aging. The reasons for the appearance of nail fungus on the feet can be different. However, most often, mycosis of the nails manifests itself against the background of the following deviations:

  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Thyroid glands;
  • Endocrinological diseases;
  • Adrenal dysfunction.

People addicted to tobacco products and alcohol are also at risk of developing nail fungus. How to identify nail fungus? It's very simple. Signs of nail fungus are discoloration to brown, white, yellow or other shades. The color will be affected by a specific pathogen, it may be yeast, mold or dermatophyte.

The nail plate will become brittle and begin to disintegrate, then keratinize. After a while, you will see for yourself how the nail fungus manifests itself. Growths will appear as they are ignored, increase in size, and interfere with treatment. Unfortunately, in the first stage, many are unaware of the presence of the disease, and the symptoms of fungus on the nail are not expressed. But then, it quickly destroys the nail plate, and the indifferent mycosis of the nails on your feet already requires a complex treatment.

Preventive measures for onychomycosis

You should know that any fungus has extracellular parasites that are distinguished by their special vitality. Spores can withstand extremely low and high temperatures (-60 ° C - + 100 ° C), and many are not afraid to use chemicals when carrying out disinfection measures at home. As mentioned above, foot infections (the most common toenail fungus) can occur anywhere, but the easiest way to transmit it to the limbs is by family members with onychomycosis, which is a nail fungus. Dermatophyte transmission occurs through the sharing of household items, but there are many ways to get the fungus.

Prevention of nail fungus involves a number of simple conditions:

  • Use only your own shoes;
  • If the shoes get wet, they should be dried and only then re-worn;
  • Remove porous mattresses from the bathroom;
  • Change socks regularly to clean;
  • After pinching, wipe your feet dry while paying special attention to the space between your feet;
  • Use therapeutic and prophylactic antifungal medications to treat nails after water treatments;
  • Use personal hygiene products (scissors, documents);
  • Avoid increased sweating and dryness, which leads to timely treatment of various foot injuries (cracks, abrasions, calluses);
  • Increase the body's defenses.

When it comes to public places, try to wear flip-flops on the beaches and indoor shoes in the pools to avoid picking fungus on the nails.

When someone living in the same apartment with you starts treating toenail fungus to prevent the spread of infection, be sure to clean the bath afterwards. To combat spores, for example, you can use chloramine in equal proportions with detergent. After application, the mixture is kept for 30 minutes, then removed.

There are many reasons for the appearance of the fungus, and you should get rid of it by any means. Treatment of toenail mycosis also provides a special treatment for the patient's linen, including socks. Boil in a 2% solution of soda and soap for about twenty minutes, then can be ironed. It is recommended to treat pedicure scissors regularly with alcohol.

The main symptoms of onychomycosis in the legs

How to recognize nail fungus? In this condition, in the early stages of the infection, a person experiences extreme dryness and the characteristic peeling of the feet, which can be accompanied by severe itching and redness of the skin. In practice, the symptoms of nail fungus are typically different for each specific case.

The development of the disease can begin with a simple peeling of the wrinkles between the fingers. If you sweat a lot, a diaper rash occurs. Sometimes small itchy blisters are added to the above. The color and shape of the nails change. Parasitic spores tend to penetrate deeper, while also forming a yellowish spot with streaks on the nail. You can also tell the nail fungus from broken and cracked nail plates, there is a gap under them.

It is very important to treat nail onychomycosis, because with a particularly severe course of the disease, the body temperature can rise, and any movement is difficult.

If you have itchy, cracked and dry nail fungus, start treatment immediately.

Ask a dermatologist for help, he knows what a fungus is and how to accurately diagnose nail fungus, and he will also explain to you the best comprehensive treatment. Sometimes it is enough to use different antifungal sprays, powders or gels for the feet at first, but this is already serious when you notice a fungus under the nail.

Not everyone knows that the accompanying diseases of mycoses are eczema and psoriasis, which are even more difficult to eliminate. So if you still doubt its value and whether it is possible to treat nail fungus, remember these two terrible diseases, the consequences of which are even more terrible.

Treatment of onychomycosis

Today, experts will tell you how to quickly treat nail fungus and how to properly treat it at home. There are various modern medicines for this. It should be consumed according to the dose and regularly. Recently, the method of pulse therapy has proven to be excellent for the treatment of nail fungus. Treatment of the disease occurs in a short time with the use of antifungal agents in shock doses, and side effects are minimized. It is characterized by fairly long intervals between courses. Pulse therapy is used for critical conditions when you no longer know how and when to get rid of nail fungus.

In addition, a dermatologist will advise on how to treat onychomycosis using various films, varnishes or special ointments based on fungicides. Even if the nail fungus has already passed from the thumb to others, it will prescribe an authorized treatment. Unfortunately, medications do not always solve the problem, and the question of how to solve nail fungus remains relevant. In fact, in order to achieve the desired effect and speed up nail treatment, it is first necessary to determine the type of pathogen and the degree of spread. The test results are guaranteed to explain how to treat nail fungus. And only then should you start buying expensive drugs.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the nail surgically. Don't worry, the removed nail plate will grow back after a while. And this procedure is completely painless.

Antifungal agents

To destroy the fungal pathogen, you need to use special tablets and topical substances, gels and varnishes, medications to remove the affected nail plate. The most appropriate medication will be recommended by a specialist.

Folk recipes

For fans of traditional medicine, there are many effective methods and recipes that have been proven over the years. If you are still thinking about how to treat nail fungus, try some of them.

Treated with celandine

Celandine is an ordinary plant with rich medicinal properties. In addition to useful substances, there are also toxic substances. They are necessary for the treatment of parasitic infections, because they quickly eliminate harmful microorganisms. You can use herbs in different ways:

  1. Fresh juice. Immediately after washing the strawberries, the affected skin and nail plates should be treated with water. Dry for about five minutes and repeat the procedure. This should be done at least three times.
  2. Butter. Treatment with rubbish oil is applied to the infected areas 1-2 times a day until complete remission. Do not be surprised if the nail surface is red - this is completely normal.
  3. Treatment fee. We need: thyme juice, currant juice and calendula tincture (2: 5: 2). All this is mixed with a small amount of boiled water and applied to the nail plates 3-4 times a day.

Now you know how to recognize nail fungus and how to start a cunning infection. We hope that our article will be useful for you and will help you to cope with this disease quickly. Remember that the sooner we treat a certain disease, the more effective the expected result. In addition, the right approach to the treatment process will save you a lot of valuable time and "you will not fly a penny. "

Bless you!